Sep. 2-4

Kyiv, Desyatynna str. 12


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The greatest Ukrainian IT-conference for developers and startup community.
100 speakers, 100 lectures, 12 stages, all for IT-geeks.

About conference

About trends in BigData, UI/UX, management and fundraising

  • Project Management
  • IoT & BigData
  • UI/UX
  • Startup stage "Marketing and PR"

Lifehacks for Java, Python and exotic languages. Algorithms, highload, QA & other hardcore!

  • Separate stages for Java, Python
  • and exotic technologies
  • Software Development
  • Startup stage "Company development"

All about animation, mobile, security and new tricks.

  • Separate stages Android, iOS, JS
  • Animation and Data
  • Frameworks, tricks etc
  • Startup stage about "Fundrasing"

Eugene Kudryavchenko

CEO in the Vintage Web Production

Alexey Demedeckiy

iOS Lead (Team Leader in Sigma Software Group)

Dmitry Sokolov

Java mentor in Become Java Senior and Coach in Luxoft

Nikolai Alimenkov

Senior Delivery Manager at EPAM Systems

Denis Reznik

Data Architect in Intapp

Anton Vokrug

CEO of DataProm Ltd

Alexander Lisovskyi

Sr. UX Designer at Cogniance.

Michael Patalakha

ASO Manager in Rocket4App

Nina Kulchevich

Managing partner in the Victory PR

Vadim Rozov

CEO in UABridge.com

Marina Bril

Head of Mobile Advertising in Netpeak

Eugene Umanets

Android Developer in Edsson Software

Dmitriy Zaitsev

Senior Mobile Engineer at Lohika Systems

Valerii Iakovenko

Founder in DroneUA

Vitalii Bondarenko

Data Platform Competency Manager in ELEKS

Igor Davydenko

Senior Software Engineer in Ezhome Inc.

Volodymyr Getmanskyi

Math analyst in Eleks

Lina Kononenko

Senior UX Designer at Luxoft

Andrii Soldatenko

Software Engineer in Wargaming.net; CTO at Persollo

Elena Morgun

Ruby on Rails team leader in Rails Reactor

Jan Keil

VP Marketing at Infopulse

Mariya Boguslav

Deputy Director of the Institute of modernizing the educational content of the Ministry of Education and Science

Roman Kravchenko

Founder in IoT Hub Kiev; Founder in LiveBoard Ukraine

Anton Parkhomenko

UX Engineer

Oleksandr Yefremov

Mobile team lead at glomex GmbH

Andrew Veles

Design Lecturer in Projector

Max Semenchuk

CEO Seductive Mobile

Vladimir Galika

Engine Digital Agency, CEO

Andrew Osipov

CEO in School web analytics Andrei Osipov

Anton Ivinskyi


Levon Avakyan

Competitive Gaming Reliability Team Lead in Wargaming.net

Valentin Dombrovsky

Chief Alchemist at Travelabs

Kirill Kirikov

CTO & Co - founder in Seductive Mobile - Mobile MVPs for Startups

Roman Liutikov

JavaScript developer in Redradix

Ivan Daniluk

Senior Software Engineer at Typeform

Anna Lavrova

Agile Project Manager, dacadoo, Ciklum

Maksim Antipov

Senior Programmer at Wargaming.net

Vlad Kotov


Paul Taykalo

iOS Head of Unit at Stanfy

Mihail Ribachuk

Web-designer Vintage, art-director Projector

Petro Korienev

iOS TL at Sigma Software

John Uke

CEO of GameTree

Sergey Puzankov

Tech Lead at Luxoft

Denis Zaichenko

Front-end Team Lead at BetBull

Sergii Androshchuk

Self-employed lawyer

Ruslan Shevchenko

VertaMedia at Researcher

Michael Lebedinsky

CIO, IT-Director, Termopal Ltd

Aleksey Solntsev

Project Management Consulting

Evgeniy Labunsky

Scrum Master at RR Donnelley

Evgeniy Labunsky

Scrum Master at RR Donnelley

Valery Chekalkin

Co-Founder & CMO in Leantegra Inc.

Ievgen Vladimirov

Cloud & ICT Director in Data Group

Pavel Pedenko

Head at OVVA.tv

Vladimir Mikhel

Software Engineer in Mail.Ru Group

Alexey Tokar

Head of Development in WorldApp

Ilya Batozskiy

Python developer in RaccoonGang

Mykola Viknianskyi

Founder, Owner and CEO, Termopal Ltd

Vasilykov Valeriy

Timecode LLC

Kyryl Sablin

Tech lead, Lohika

Alexander Voronov

Senior iOS Developer at Stanfy

Valentyn Gaidylo

Software Engineer at Grammarly

Paul Colomiets

Architect at evo.company

Vladimir Lozanov

Head of QA at Readdle

Vadym Gorenko

CEO & Founder in StartUp Start Incubation Program

Denis Zhuchinski

Android Dev in EVO.company

Serge Mokiyenko

Android Team Leader at Ciklum

Alexander Lukin

Product manager Yandex.AppMetrika

Sergej Komlach

Android developer, Sticky Password

Valerii Moisieienko

Software Engineer in OPower UA

Dmitry Kuperman

Development Lead, DataArt

Sergej Komlach

Android developer, Sticky Password

Alexander Trush

Founder in Adtena

Alexey Osipenko

Founder & CTO at Cimon

Wlodek Laskowski

EiR Mobility Ventures

Yuriy Dadychin

Front-end department manager/Senior FE developer at Levi9

Roman Iakobchuk

Senior Software Developer in LifeStreet

Yana Prolis

Product Marketing Manager in Global Digital Marketing Group

Andrey Sobol

Founder, One Sock Team

Grigoriy Shehet

Software Engineer at Grammarly

Alena Kalibaba

CEO в “Chasopys”, керівник телеком-акселератора ВДНХ TECh, Country Ambassador у Seed Stars World.

Oleg Gorbunov

Senior developer at Flexhire LLC and Watchtower Inc.

Anton Fedorchenko

Senior iOS Developer/Team Lead at Lohika

Kirill Borisov

Senior developer, Yandex

Aleksandr Dzyuba

CEO – Sense.Vision

Alex Theedom

Senior Java Developer at Toreadlearncode

Mikle Anokhin

Android Developer at MWDN Ltd.

Den Golotyuk

Senior Engineer & Founder

Dmytro Panin

Senior Java Developer/Architect at Levi9

Denis Yaremov

Senior Software Engineer at Lohika

Vitalii Laptenok

CEO Genesis Media

Dmytro Lavrinenko

DevOps Architect, SoftServe

Andrew Svetlov

Senior Software Developer at DataRobot

Victor Companiets

Venture Investment at Digital Future

George Prokhorov

BigData Project Architect

Rostyslav Dzinko

Software Architect at ZeoAlliance

John Uke

CEO of GameTree

Nadiya Bigun

Depty CEO State Enterprise "Prozorro"

Vitalii Vlasiuk

Advisor at the law firm "єПраво"

George Prokhorov


Rostyslav Dzinko

Software Architect at ZeoAlliance

Marianna Yarosh

Innovation manager @ Noosphere

Sviatoslav Sviatnenko

Director of Business Development, Borsch Ventures

Artem Bykovets

Agile Coach in Competera; Founder, Coach at Start-IT

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Andrew Veles, Design Lecturer in Projector

Product Design is about process

Wide-angle view at the various forms of design to make the good product.


Anton Parkhomenko, UX Engineer

Workflows: reality, or git rebase for designers

How to boost your workflow, or git rebase for designers Increase the speed and quality of your development. Some tools and practices to integrate the design part into development cycle. Hands-on experience, pitfalls and dealing with late-adopters


Alexander Lisovskyi, Sr. UX Designer at Cogniance.

Interactive Prototypes with InVision app

Transform designs from static images into clickable, interactive prototypes. Test & iterate on designs without coding.




Mihail Ribachuk, Web-designer Vintage, art-director Projector

Design in a sectional

Design how many is in this word. And does our market understand about the valid value it when does it come to designers? Do designers understand? There is such impression that the first just want to give the money, and the second were washed down to the trends. We will talk about design in the true sense of the word, and also we will discuss the tendencies of its development in the world and in our country in particular.


Max Semenchuk, CEO Seductive Mobile

The designer who is trusted to

How to convince your client to design solutions and how to resolve conflicts.


Lina Kononenko, Senior UX Designer at Luxoft

Designing for Apple Watch and Apple TV

Apple Watch and Apple TV apps are inherently different from other apps, in both form and function. You will learn watchOS and tvOS user experience foundations and design principles, get the quick overview of the best existing solutions and possible ways of extending your projects to this platforms.


Aleksandr Dzyuba, CEO – Sense.Vision

UX which is waited for. Playtests DIY

"1. What is the user testing / playtest 2. Why QA and friends do not help to make the product desirable 3. What tasks can be solved with playtest and which can not be. 4. Softlonch analytics - what problems cab be solved and why do not they replace playtest 5. Step by step preparation and conduction of the playtest 6. The choice of data collection methods 7. Drawing up of profiles - one of the most difficult test problems 8. Search and motivation of the participants 9. Analysis and presentation of results"






Maksim Antipov, Senior Programmer at Wargaming.net

Hardware development as a hobby and a job

The speech will be about how to move from pure software development to making and how it can become the profession in freelance


Valerii Iakovenko, Founder in DroneUA

Drones as the part of the present

Drones, these are the tools that have densely entered to our life now. These are sources of geospatial information which form the basis and supplements many systems of monitoring and control. In detail, the speech will be about agribusiness.


Vitalii Bondarenko, Data Platform Competency Manager in ELEKS

HDInsight: Spark. Advanced in-memory BigData Analytics with Microsoft Azure

Apache Spark is an open-source parallel processing framework that supports in-memory processing to boost the performance of big-data analytic applications. We will cover approaches of processing Big Data on Spark cluster for real-time analytic, machine learning and iterative BI and also discuss the pros and cons of using Spark in Azure cloud.


Roman Kravchenko, Founder in IoT Hub Kiev; Founder in LiveBoard Ukraine

Investment in Ukrainian IoT-startups

Where to get money for your IoT-startup, and what criteria it should correspond?




Den Golotyuk, Senior Engineer & Founder

Big Data from 30 million daily users

How we gather and process data here at .io from 30 million daily users on top of Digital Ocean and Amazon platforms.


Volodymyr Getmanskyi, Math analyst in Eleks

How to Build a dynamic pricing model using Big Data

Buses ticket pricing model based on demand features popularity and costs


Anton Vokrug, CEO of DataProm Ltd

Using Big Data in business

Real cases using big data technologies in business


Valery Chekalkin, Co-Founder & CMO in Leantegra Inc.

IOT in Location Services

"Company introduction. Market state overview. - market stage - market perspectives - challenges (adoption and user experience, tech challenges, sales challenges) - key market player types - potential - risks Technologies overview (Bluetooth, WiFi, UWB, LoRa). Solutions overview (Proximity Marketing, RTLS, Location Analytics). Vertical markets penetration and plans."


Denis Reznik, Data Architect in Intapp

Data-Driven Future

Of course, you know what data is. Probably you know what Big Data and small data is. But what's the heck is that buzz about data? Why is it so important today? These are the questions which will be the topic of the session. This session will be beyond the definitions and descriptions. We will talk about data, about different options for data usage, and how we can benefit from data.


Ievgen Vladimirov, Cloud & ICT Director in Data Group

Only Cloud

It's hard to imagine any business without IT now, just like any house without electricity. And it is hard to imagine any successful business with no clouds in it's IT.






Aleksey Solntsev, Project Management Consulting

Management of the projects in the conditions of uncertainty

Uncertainty – one of the central concepts of the modern theory and management practice. The importance of this concept is caused by influence on the project of the great quantity of factors of external and internal environment which values are unknown or known but not completely. In spite of fixed deficit of information, the project manager is simply obliged to consider unpredictability, accidents, ambiguity and an illegibility in the case of management decisions.


Nikolai Alimenkov, Senior Delivery Manager at EPAM Systems

The portrait of the professional developer

What is he like, a modern professional developer? What should he know and be able to do not only to work at an interesting project and receive a high salary today but also to have a stable tomorrow? Technologies and processes are not in the place the same situation is with requirements for the developers. In order to stay "afloat" we have to work on our skills and knowledge. That's what we'll talk about.


Vitalii Laptenok, CEO Genesis Media

Processes and planning for a product company

You can have great idea, great product and great team but without good processes you are destined to fail


Anna Lavrova, Agile Project Manager, dacadoo, Ciklum

Gladiator in the suit: Crisis is our brand!

"If risk management is carried out correctly, the crisis does not happen And if it has happened you need to calm down and to fix everything. I'll tell you how we got out of the various crises - both in the gaming industry and in an " adult " IT world."




Evgeniy Labunsky, Scrum Master at RR Donnelley

What if motivation does not work

Motivation is the hottest topic nowadays. We know how to motivate, we are motivating but we still fail. What important do we miss in daily team management process?


Marina Bril, Head of Mobile Advertising in Netpeak

Management at marketing teams and performance

Organization of marketing teams and marketing feasibility study of priority tasks for the developers. Subtopics: - team building for the marketing of the project. - the key indicators of the project and key areas of responsibility. - prioritization of tasks for developers and customers.


Yana Prolis, Product Marketing Manager in Global Digital Marketing Group

"Please don't burn down!"

"We were brought up to live in a world in which everything was OK In practice the life turned out to be a very interesting thing, but unfortunately it is not safe. It is not the first when we are all looking for the answer to the question of how to live and work in conditions of uncertainty , well, as long as we are looking for a cure people are burning out, projects are failed, and the world is ruled by chaos. How to change the situation? "


Michael Lebedinsky, CIO, IT-Director, Termopal Ltd

iAIST - the first 100% Ukrainian corporate cloud service (Saas, AaaS) class ERP and BI

Michael Lebedinsky and Mykola Viknianskyi will tell about product development and management tools for business. Practical experience in development, implementation, and use of enterprise cloud services to manage a commercial and industrial business.


Artem Bykovets, Agile Coach in Competera; Founder, Coach at Start-IT

Agile Frameworks Implementation Fuckups

Often it is necessary to hear phrases: " Your Agile/Scrum/Kanban/*process is a hogwash *", "I won't go on standup/retro/demo and so on- I will better sit and work" and other typical symptoms of a fuckups in the case of implementation of frameworks for flexible development. What do we want more: 8 hours on a chair and it is stupid to do a task and a tracker or to create really cool products in strong and effective teams? Let's deal with that.


Evgeniy Labunsky, Scrum Master at RR Donnelley

How did we change company's culture to deliver

Change is hard, but we selected hard way that brings to us strong productivity results. We are changing: every minute of our work life. The talk is about the changes we've made to make our results better, about the changes in our culture and our daily work approach, about our processes and continuous improvements, about adaptation and cultural difference. The talk is about how we've managed this challenge






Eugene Kudryavchenko, CEO in the Vintage Web Production

Strategic web-marketing



Artem Bykovets, Agile Coach in Competera; Founder, Coach at Start-IT

Product design technic and approach

Short by concentrate master-class for product design. How to choose your advantages in your product in all your idea. How to build business development based on this data.


Vladimir Galika, Engine Digital Agency, CEO

Digital Marketing for Startups

Digital-marketing for startups what really works and what to expect?




Michael Patalakha, ASO Manager in Rocket4App

ASO: How to start and how to finish?

How to collect the semantic core; Which keywords to choose; How to enter the keywords in the title and description; How to understand the algorithm of Google Play; How much traffic can be obtained by optimizing the ASO; Tips to improve search results.


Andrew Osipov, CEO in School web analytics Andrei Osipov

Mobile App Analytics

Approaches and tools for Google Analytics implementation and use, and Google Tag Manager in mobile applications.


Pavel Pedenko, Head at OVVA.tv

Online Media Distribution

Remember when media consumption was simple? Now it is not. Today we have more choices than ever before. Good news for content, but what about content makers?


panel Discussion "What we need in Ukrainian market now?"


Pitching time






Andrew Svetlov, Senior Software Developer at DataRobot

aiohttp maintainer

The library allows to write user friendly code which looks like well-known linear one (requests library for client and Django/Flask/Pyramid for the server) but utilizes the power of non-blocking sockets and supports WebSockets natively. The intro describes basic programming patterns for both client and server API as well as more advanced techniques. Tips and tricks for writing asyncio-based code are included as well. The main target of the talk is displaying an alternative to people who want to avoid classic WSGI frameworks (Django/Flask/Pyramid etc) limitations but found Twisted and Tornado too cumbersome. Dive into aiohttp usage with the library author.aiohttp is asynchronous HTTP client and server library built on top of asyncio.


Igor Davydenko, Senior Software Engineer in Ezhome Inc.

Python Core developer, aiohttp maintainer

Async/await statements been added to Python 3.5 back in Sep 2015. Talk reviews how async development in Python changed since maturing asyncio stack, what techniques used by Python devs now and what areas will be covered by next Python versions going forward.


Kirill Borisov, Senior developer, Yandex

Django Channels: back to the future, one message at a time.

"O, Django! Old stalwart of Python web development, tried and true warhorse. It has a well-deserved reputation for being both easy to learn and hard to master, being amenable to extension and overly set in its ways at the same time. Mainly this is not considered a problem and available tools suffice for most uses. But time goes by and it is already 2016: new ways to interact with users (websockets, HTTP/2, etc.), mobile devices rule the web and not every task can be fit into venerable 'request-view-response' process. All this brings new challenges, which might require novel approaches to solve them. Enter ""Django Channels"": new way of desinging and thinking about your application. It separates transport and processing concerns in typical Django project using combination of ASGI (Asynchronous Server Gateway Interface) and worker processes, enabling your application to be ""event-oriented"" and implement new workflows for processing your data. How does it work? What do you need to start? Is it even useful? Learn for yourself with this introductory talk."




Paul Colomiets, Architect at evo.company

Asynchronous programming: what do you need it for?

On this lecture, I will tell you what things will be difficult to write Python in a different asynchronous style. Why you know the asynchronous programming and how it will help you in the further development.


Dmytro Lavrinenko, DevOps Architect, SoftServe

Python in IoT, BigData, Microservices, etc

We will discuss possibilities of using Python with cutting edge trends.With examples and funny stories :)


Levon Avakyan, Competitive Gaming Reliability Team Lead in Wargaming.net

Wargaming clannish platform

During this report will  be discussed how was developed and evaluated clan service Wargaming. How we were adjusting to the changeable world and overcame difficulties on our way.


Ilya Batozskiy, Python developer in RaccoonGang

Python of things

Creation of various devices connected to the internet (aka IoT) using a single-board computer, Python and some creativity.


Andrii Soldatenko, Software Engineer in Wargaming.net; CTO at Persollo

Dive into natural language processing with Python and NLTK

Nowadays, the world is swimming in information. All these years, existing technologies have focused on storing and structuring data. But what if we need to make decisions in real time, using this data? I am pleased to share with you my acquired experience in developing web applications using NLTK and Python. In conclusion, we talk about of future of natural text processing.






Vladimir Mikhel, Software Engineer in Mail.Ru Group

Scrapping the web

Step by step guide on building the multipurpose parser for scalable web data extraction. Designing and usage of universal format for stripped web articles. Format comparison with AMP(Google), Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News.


Anton Ivinskyi, Developer

Application level metrics and performance tests

It is important to understand how your code behaves in production, not just guess how it should behave. Know what takes time and what goes wrong. Measure it all. Be ready for the load with performance tests.


Alexey Tokar, Head of Development in WorldApp

To find a needle in a haystack

The talk will cover core principles of text search applicable to fixed size dictionaries. We will have a deep look at some algorithms which are deeply hidden inside huge search engines or basic search inputs on websites. My goal is to provide the comparison between different search approaches and provide an objective assessment based on complexity, memory consumption and CPU utilization of each of them.


Alex Theedom, Senior Java Developer at Toreadlearncode

Java EE revisits design patterns

Design patterns are not only cool but represent the collective wisdom of many developers. Since the publication of Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by GoF many new concepts have extended the coverage of these design patterns, and now Java EE provides out-of-the box implementations of many of the most well known patterns. This talk will show how, by taking advantage of Java EE features such as CDI and the smart use of annotations, traditional design patterns can be implemented in a much cleaner and quicker way. Among the design patterns discuss there will be Singleton, Façade, Observer, Factory, Dependency Injection, Decorator and more.




Valerii Moisieienko, Software Engineer in OPower UA

Apache HBase Workshop

The workshop is dedicated to the modern and widely used distributed, scalable, big data store Apache HBase. It covers next topics: HBase data model, CRUD operations, HBase architecture, HBase schema design, Java API.


Dmytro Panin, Senior Java Developer/Architect at Levi9

Get along with JHipster

JHipster is a trendy Yeoman generator that provides the possibility to create an AngularJS + Spring Boot project from scratch in no time. I would like to share the idea of JHipster and a set of tools that it comprises. I will superficially cover scaffolding and the explicit tool, that makes scaffolding plain and easy to adopt, named Yeoman. Started in October 2013, JHipster has grown and obtained a developing community, furthermore, it is growing rapidly as for the past year about 150 programmers contributed to it. During the presentation, I want to perform a live demonstration of creating a new project based on the aforementioned core and a few subsidiary technologies. Since JHipster includes a great deal of technologies it's a good source of common practices.


Dmitry Kuperman, Development Lead, DataArt

Working with legacy systems. Stabilization, monitoring, management

About half of the developers, one way or another, faced with the legacy-projects. Not everyone can (and want) work with them. But with the right approach, such projects can be carried out with pleasure and even enthusiasm. We suggest that such a legacy of understanding, what are these project management techniques, practices, and explore the developers consider useful decisions: • Examples of optimization - it's worth a try; • Monitoring applications - JavaMelody; • Monitoring applications - logs and ELK (ELasticSearch + Logstash + Kibana); • Monitoring applications - Java Mission Control and Heap Dump Memory Analyzer Tool.






Ruslan Shevchenko, VertaMedia at Researcher

Programming Languages Landscape: new & old ideas

In this lection we will talk about emerging development in the field of industry programming languages, new ideas for niche and mainstream market and what is possible to use now. Will mark positions and main characteristics for today-s spectrum of new languages: from Scala, Rust, Julia to Wolfram and Racket.


Oleg Gorbunov, Senior developer at Flexhire LLC and Watchtower Inc.

ActionCable and what is it like


Elena Morgun, Ruby on Rails team leader in Rails Reactor

GIL in different programming languages

GIL in different programming languages.


Kyryl Sablin, Tech lead, Lohika

CRDT and their uses

CRDT stands for Conflict-free Replicated Data Types. They help to build eventual consistent distributed systems. Databases like Cassandra and Riak use them intensively. Application programmers can use them to build semi-offline applications.


Ivan Daniluk, Senior Software Engineer at Typeform

Taming complexity with Go

Go is a modern open-source language born in Google. It has extremely low entry barrier, amazing tooling and built-in concurrency support. In this live coding workshop we’ll build, benchmark and deploy production level server, taming the complexity of modern backend development. We’ll also learn basic concepts of the language and get familiar with a typical development workflow.


George Prokhorov, BigData Project Architect

Scala+Spark+Akka — Deliberated Approach to BigData.

Apache Spark currently supports multiple programming languages dealing with BigData, including Java, Scala and Python. Last release of Spark 1.4, actually adds R language support too. What language to choose for Spark project is a common question asked on different forums and mailing lists. The answer to the question is quite subjective. Each PM has to answer the question based on his team's skillset, use cases, and ultimately personal taste, etc. The choice is your's, but as for me personally...


Vasilykov Valeriy, Timecode LLC

Erlang. Measurements and benefits.


Alexander Trush, Founder in Adtena

Phoenix: Inflame the web

Phoenix is productive, reliable, fast web framework build with Elixir on top of Erlang Virtual Machine. Let's talk about Phoenix and what is different in it from the alternatives. What new concepts he bring to the table and how these concepts enhance developer experience, software maintainability and fault-tolerance.


To be announced

Once Upon a Time ... (a fairy-tale about Nim programming language)






John Uke, CEO of GameTree

Wisdom From Silicon Valley

The first half of the talk is about information on the business and technical climates in Silicon Valley, as well as current trends. This portion touches on creativity, user-driven design, networking tips, currently popular industries, and more. The second half is a Q&A for audience questions.


Vlad Kotov, CEO in BSHARKS

Business Development

Business Development in Ukraine and in the world.


Vadym Gorenko, CEO & Founder in StartUp Start Incubation Program

How to pass the "Death Valley"

Why entrepreneurial and managerial skills are so important; five main stages of business development and the change of its financial position on each of these stages; at what stage arises the business of life "Death Valley", and four steps that must be taken to prepare for its successful passage.




Valentin Dombrovsky, Chief Alchemist at Travelabs

Travel Startups Challenges and Opportunities

The travel industry is ready for disruption, but working in travel might prove to be really hard. In my keynote, I'll cover few opportunities for travel startups at the moment and will tell about difficulties that might arise while working in this field.


Jan Keil, VP Marketing at Infopulse

Marketing development for growing startup

How to work with customers and how to sell your product? Often, this question begins when you already have on your hands a product prototype. Each startup thinks about sales and marketing. But we have many mistakes before sales will start. In strategy, position, work with customers and partners. How to build your marketing strategy? What is worth considering at the stage of prototyping and before the start of sales?


Alexander Lukin, Product manager Yandex.AppMetrika

Yandex.AppMetrica - growing developer-oriented product

Let's review AppMetrica case of building a product for app developers from scratch to 3500+ developers worldwide. During the session we will find out: - which marketing measures - approaches, channels, and content - worked best - our experience of market study, product placement and promotional activities - how to activate and retain - our practices of customer success management.


Panel Discussion "IT and Education"


Pitching time






Sergey Puzankov, Tech Lead at Luxoft

UI regression testing with Gemini

How effectively  test your interface and make sure that nothing went wrong with the last release? How to find the changes in your application in a single pixel? How to make sure that when you click you actually open popup button, and not just add css class to an element?


Alexey Osipenko, Founder & CTO at Cimon

Basics of functional reactive programming

"During the report, we will develop incrementally construct primitives and algebra (in the worst case, just come up with a library interface) for the organization of interaction of the application with the mess in the real world. This approach will keep the application logic in the pure functions and declaratively associate external events with the necessary output. And no React JS."


Grigoriy Shehet, Software Engineer at Grammarly

Undefined on prod, or how to test a react app

During the lecture we'll discuss the unit-testing of the interface. The stack of technologies: React (Redux, MobX), Mocha/Chai, React Tests Utils, Enzyme, Tape/Ava. Also, I will mention how we in Grammarly rewrite selenium to the unit tests, and how it works.


Denis Zaichenko, Front-end Team Lead at BetBull

Web workers. Why we don't use it?

JavaScript use only one thread, but we live in the world of multithreading CPUs. So why we don`t use the power of the multithreading? It is easily than you thought.




Roman Liutikov, JavaScript developer in Redradix

React Native: Are we there yet?

React Native is a hot new technology which brought JavaScript developers to the whole new level of native development. It was adopted by companies around the globe and finally enabled JavaScript developers to get full power of native platform. We are closer to bare metal than ever before. But is it actually true? In this talk I want to get you closer to React Native and talk about its strong and weak parts based on my experience with it. The goal of this talk is to understand the value of React Native as a platform which opens new possibilities for JavaScript developers.


Yuriy Dadychin, Front-end department manager/Senior FE developer at Levi9

TypeScript as future model of the mainstream programming languages

During the speech the programming languages features sharing and how features append in new language versions will be discussed. As example of feature-eater will be taken typescript.


Roman Iakobchuk, Senior Software Developer in LifeStreet

Building of business logic to React: Flux, Redux, Relay and other tools

The concept of unilateral flow of data through which complex React-built applications will be discussed. We will consider the basic tools to build this stream, we'll see that trend now, where it is grown and where to develop.


Denis Yaremov, Senior Software Engineer at Lohika

Offline-First Extravaganza

Offline capable applications is the cutting edge of modern development. Even today, when internet becomes more and more wireless and its coverage beats the records, disconnected state is the real thing. Offline may seem like a complex issue until we think inside client-server REST-alike borders. However, just tweaking few little things about our attitude to data can allow us to create a new type of applications that are offline-tolerant, robust and secure. Let’s see how.


Valentyn Gaidylo, Software Engineer at Grammarly

Static typing in frontend web applications

The speech will be about static typing in front-end web applications: why one needs it and how it can help you in developing the best products. Also, during the speech we will go through several options of static typing, will take a closer look at the technology we chose and the benefits it has.






Denis Zhuchinski, Android Dev in EVO.company

Ways of Enhancing Application Security

In this lecture we will talk about what you should know and consider in the construction of an application developer to ensure the safe use of confidential user data.


Serge Mokiyenko, Android Team Leader at Ciklum

Continues Integration for Android project

Why do you need to have a build server? How often you have to do release? What does it mean no red eyes on Sunday morning ? If you have those question Sergiy will try to give you practical advises how to build infrastructure where build delivery and code integration is easy and convenient.


Sergej Komlach, Android developer, Sticky Password

Dependency Injection Android Way

Software-hardware platform for virtual reality from Google




Dmitriy Zaitsev, Senior Mobile Engineer at Lohika Systems

VIPER: make your MVP cleaner

We'll talk about what is Clean Architecture and how it can be applied to your Android project.


Mikle Anokhin, Android Developer at MWDN Ltd.

Speed Up Application Development with Data Binding

Data Binding has become a full-fledged solution for Android applications development nowadays. Adapters allow to expand views functionality by adding new properties or altering existing attributes behavior. Components provide reusable modules that can be embedded into various mobile products. Two-way binding support, that has been introduced this spring, simplifies communication between model and view. This talk would cover all these useful features and also other capabilities which are provided by Data Binding. After that with help of a fully functional application sample typical use cases will be considered to indicate clear benefits for developers when using Data Binding in production. Also Java code examples will be replicated in Kotlin for those of you who are very passionate about this programming language.


Eugene Umanets, Android Developer in Edsson Software

Right way of Syncing

Best practices of data syncing .


Sergej Komlach, Android developer, Sticky Password






Oleksandr Yefremov, Mobile team lead at glomex GmbH

Continuously Delivering a Mobile project


Vladimir Lozanov, Head of QA at Readdle

How to deliver high quality apps to the App Store

How to plan and organize QA processes in product development team. The balance between manual and automation testing in iOS products. The importance of collaboration with other teams and how to engage all the team into product quality advocacy.


Anton Fedorchenko, Senior iOS Developer/Team Lead at Lohika

Swift for server-side development

Since Swift programming language was open sourced in December 2015, its popularity has boomed. This smart move from Apple introduced new opportunities for the languages and increased its impact on the developer community. This includes expanding Swift to other platforms and using it for server-side development. The presentation gives an introduction to the server-side development with Swift, highlights most popular frameworks and solutions, covers key questions regarding the language adoption.




Alexander Voronov, Senior iOS Developer at Stanfy

Test Driven Development in Real World

Nowadays TDD is gaining more and more popularity, although there is still a huge number of projects and teams not practicing it. In this presentation we'll see what benefits TDD brings, when we should use and when it is not highly needed. We'll also find out how to setup and automate the whole process within iOS project to make the most of it.


Petro Korienev, iOS TL at Sigma Software

How to become Senior iOS Engineer

"In this talk, I will explain: - Who is Senior iOS Engineer - How to become Senior iOS Engineer - How to stay Senior iOS Engineer for years - What does Senior iOS Engineer have in his suitcase in 2016"


Paul Taykalo, iOS Head of Unit at Stanfy

Code generation in Swift

In this topic we'll see what Swift missing as a language, and how code generation could help in those cases. This topic will show many of code generation techniques from simple ones to code generation frameworks and 3rd party solutions.


Alexey Demedeckiy, iOS Lead (Team Leader in Sigma Software Group)

Using ViewModel for building modular UI






Victor Companiets, Venture Investment at Digital Future


"Beyond Programming Project or Product? Doing HiTech business Do You Ready to Globalize? (Think & Do Globally in Ukraine)"


Alena Kalibaba, CEO в “Chasopys”, керівник телеком-акселератора ВДНХ TECh, Country Ambassador у Seed Stars World.

Innovation development with corporations: Opportunities in Ukraine

On cooperation with a big corporation for new entrepreneurs and start-ups. How to run your business in this aspect. And how to formalize your idea.


Sergii Androshchuk, Self-employed lawyer

Legal protection when you work with the investor


Wlodek Laskowski, EiR Mobility Ventures

Insider guide to successful fundraising strategies

A practical help with how to identify and secure an investment from a chosen VC. Step-by-step instruction an how to design and execute a winning formula for fundraising. Advice from the other side of the table: what to do to make it easier to invest in you!




Roman Kravchenko, Founder in IoT Hub Kiev; Founder in LiveBoard Ukraine

Investment in Ukrainian IoT-startups

Where to get money for your IoT-startup, and what criteria it should correspond?


Andrey Sobol, Founder, One Sock Team

Blockchain crowdfunding or "Mommy, look, I launched IPO"

"I will talk about: Why crowdfunding in cryptocurrency is a good idea? How can you create DIY IPO? Why blockchain IPO gives confidence to your investors?"


Panel Discussion "IT, Fundraising and Government"

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